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We know that you should donate your car to a charity , perhaps you dont know yet but with this blog you are going to know why you should donate your car to a charity . We are not working for any charities and we are not going to tell you which charity you should donate your car to  , we just want to make an awarness and spread the word  . We are not accepting any donations , we are not taking any commisions , we are not going to recommend you any charity for you to donate your car to . We are just going to tell you why it is a great thing to donate your car to a charity and how to donate your car to a charity .

Did you know that you can make a great benefit with donating your used car to a charity ? No matter what condition your car is in , there are charities that are going to accept your car . You are not going to benefit just spiritualy but also you are going to get a valuable tax return .

Either you are moving overseas and wanting to go carless or you are upgrading your business vehicles , or you dont need your vehicle anymore , Donating your car to a Charity is an easy , fast and free alternative to selling or trading it . If you donate your car to a non-profit charity , you can also get a tax deduction which is going to be a great profit along with the spiritual satisfaction of helping a charity to help others . There are numerous charities that are helping eldery , helping homeless people or working on hunger – relief .

Charity ;

The word charity is coming from old French language charité which entered the old French language from Latin caritas . Caritas means dearness , preciousness and high price orginally in Latin . Caritas became the standard Latin translation for the Greek word Agape in Christian theology . Agape means unconditional love for other people . Today the word charity in English , used about good works and giving to the poor ( money , clothing , food and health care ) .

Charitable giving is giving money , giving food and or giving time to unfortunate either by yourself or through a turstable charity organisation . Even though most forms of charities are concerning with providing most basic needs such as food , water , healthcare and shelter to them who are in need , some charity organizations are aiming to educate orphans and or ransoming captives . To donate to causes which do benefit the unfortunate in directly , such as donating to fund researches of an disease like cancer , is charity too .Donations to charitable organizations represent a major form of corporate philanthropy .

” There have been examinations of who gives more to charity. One study conducted in the United States found that as a percentage of income, charitable giving increased as income decreased. The poorest fifth of Americans, for example, gave away 4.3% of their income, while the wealthiest fifth gave away 2.1%. In absolute terms, this was an average of $453 on an average income of $10,531, compared to $3,326 on an income of $158,388 ”

Psychological research has found that, among several factors, moral norms and standards in particular influence an individual’s inclination to donate to charity.


Which charity to donate your car ?

Before you decide which charity to donate your car to , you can find something that feels personal to you . There are many great organizations out there and them all have websites where you can find more information about their work . Take your time and check several websites out to find out more about charities before you donate your car . Do your research online by going on charity websites of each organization .

Why Donate your car to a charity ?

If you have a car in decent working condition, by donating your car to a charity :

1. You are going to help a charity whose work you believe in . Not just the tax return but also you are going to be proud of yourself by donatin your car to a charity !

2. You can also provide a car ( or any vehicle ) for the charity to use. As long as your car is useable, many charities can make good use of it: delivering meals to the elderly, taking people to doctors, or anything else that furthers the charitable mission. There are many charities that help people world-wide and onn the local level, there are a community colleges and vocational schools; they have education programs that use donated cars to train mechanics.

3. Get a healthy tax write-off , get a tax return for donating your car to a charity . Most of the time the tax return for donating your car to a charity is higher than the ammount you can sell it for .

4. Also you can avoid the hassles of selling the car yourself. You are not going to need to pay for newspaper ads, nor will you deal with phone calls or emails – or have to show the car to potential buyers and haggle over the sales price. Donating your car to a charity seems to save you from headaches in several ways , sint it ?

5. Most of the charities that accept cars will collect and tow them away for free. Isn’t that great ? All you need to do is to fill a form on website of the charity you pick and that is all .

6. You can get rid of a car that does not have proper title by just donating it to a charity . Some charities will take a car for which you cannot find a title for . Maybe they will only be able to sell it for scrap or parts, but still you are going to get it out of your driveway and can avoid the expense of replacing that title by donating your car to a charity.

Remember that you need to document the transaction and keep the documents in you IRS tax file , in case your accountant needs it .

Donating a car to charity is a a win-win for you and the charity !

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